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Artificial intelligence makes scam calls harder to decipher


Artificial intelligence makes scam calls harder to decipher

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Scammers are now harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to produce a scam like no other by copying voices to trick unknown victims.

Dorothy Frye answered the phone in mid December to a voice she knew all too well, calling out for ‘grandma.’

“It was my grandsons voice, it even had the little giggle like he has. He said he was going to pick up medicine because he had COVID and then he went on and said that he had an accident and he rear ended somebody and that he had been taken to jail,” said Frye. ”I was in no doubt at all that it was my grandson when I started talking to him.”

Except her grandson, James, was at work the entire time.

Frye said she grew suspicious when the called couldn’t answer any of her questions and then proceeded to hang up the phone.

“He said he wanted to keep it just between us — that was a little bit weird,” said Frye. “When it’s their voice and that’s all you have to go by is knowing their voice — it’s scary.”

Vice President of Operations with the Better Business Bureau, Denise Groene, said to listen carefully to their voice and always ask questions that only you and the other person would know.

“It’s always a good idea to have a sort of question or perhaps a safe word that you can use within your family. That way, if one of these phone calls is made, as the receiver you can ask one of these questions,” said Groene. “That will give you some information as to whether or not you are actually talking to a family member.”

Groene said the scammers want you to panic, but it is best to check all of your bases first.

BBB said if you receive a phone call like this you should immediately call that person and anyone else who would have information on them.

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