I wanted to be a star, not a gallery mascot.

Black History Month is a time for reflection and working to achieve a greater understanding of the Black experience for all. Since diversity is often reduced through inclusion or homogenization, many Black people feel the need to either put their blackness first or choose between their history and their identity. Black culture is not monolithic anywhere in the world. It is a painting that requires all the different colors and shades of history and identity. 

Black and…

Black and…Exploring the Diversity of Blackness is the DataRobot celebration theme for Black History Month. We are recognizing the pressure the black community feels when they are unconsciously having to choose between their Black identity and the intersectionality of  their experience which is prevalent in today’s culture.

There are some misconceptions around people who are Black and other cultures like, Black and LGBTQ+, Black and in a religious minority, Black and differently abled, etc. A person’s whole identity needs to be acknowledged and included in our understanding of Black culture. 

Each of these identities carries their own history and cultures. It is important to remember that the Black cultural experience isn’t lessened or watered down by all of these differences, but strengthened by it. Being “Black and….” doesn’t have to be a choice of which identity, but a composite of who you are as a multi-faceted person. Each group you are a part of is just as important as the rest of who you are. One of DataRobot’s core values is Be You, which embodies our commitment to valuing every person as their whole authentic self. 

BEACON: Changing Outlooks Now

At DataRobot, we strive to respect, represent, and honor the Black experience with our employees through our BEACON Community. BEACON stands for Black Employees and Allies Changing Outlooks Now. 

Our mission says, “The aspiration of BEACON is to advance a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community that fosters a culture of belonging for Black employees both current and future. Collaborating through a connected network of professionals, BEACON engages in internal and external activities to attract, retain, empower, and inspire Black employees. We are focused on providing career and growth opportunities and supporting the overall well-being and success of our Black employees.”

DataRobot is honoring Black History Month with a series of employee blogs, spotlights, and a celebration that highlights these Black experiences.

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Steven Martin
Steven Martin

Corporate Sales Representative at DataRobot

Steven Martin, Corporate Sales Representative at DataRobot, is an Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian, Jewish, American who identifies as a straight man. He is an applied cultural anthropologist who has spent the previous decade applying anthropological research to technology consulting, and contributing to uncomfortable cultural discussions.

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