Artificial intelligence has been on many people’s minds in recent months due to platforms like ChatGPT and music producers utilizing voices from deceased artists. Many fear the troubles that can happen with the technology, and actor Samuel L. Jackson has stated he is not a fan of it in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

While discussing his role in the new Disney + series, Secret Invasion, he spoke about the dangers of AI and his experience working with the technology.

When questioned about another esteemed actor, Tom Hanks expressing his fears about artificial intelligence, Jackson seemed perplexed that people are just now questioning the latest technology that has been around for some time.

“People just started worrying about that? I asked about that a long time ago. The first time I got scanned for George Lucas [for The Phantom Menace], I was like, “What’s this for?” George and I are good friends, so we kind of had a laugh about it because I thought he was doing it because he had all those old guys in Episode I, and if something happened to them, he still wanted to put ’em in the movie.”

He has experienced the use of AI during his filming in the Marvel movies he has been involved with over the years.

“Ever since I’ve been in the Marvel Universe, every time you change costumes in a Marvel movie, they scan you. Ever since I did Captain Marvel, and they did the Lola project where they de-aged me and everything else, it’s like, ‘Well, I guess they can do this anytime they want to do it if they really want to!’

Jackson gives up-and-coming actors advice regarding accepting it when negotiating their contracts with film companies.

“It could be something to worry about. Future actors should do what I always do when I get a contract, and it has the words “in perpetuity” and “known and unknown” on it: I cross that shit out. It’s my way of saying, “No, I do not approve of this.”

You can catch the actor portraying Fury in the Disney + series Secret Invasion out now.

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