“COUNTRIES like India and the Philippines have seen a huge boom from business process outsourcing (BPO), creating comparatively high-paying jobs in places like call centers. It’s precisely this kind of work that will be targeted by automation. New jobs might be created in the long term, but for millions they won’t come quick enough or in the right places.” – p. 227 of “The Coming Wave: Technology, Power and the 21st Century’s Greatest Dilemma,” Mustafa Suleyman’s acclaimed book on artificial intelligence (AI), which was published in September 2023 and listed among the best business books by the Financial Times and recommended by many prestigious publications like The New York Times.

First, who is Mustafa Suleyman? He was co-founder of and former head of applied AI at Deep Mind, an AI company acquired by Google. His current venture is Inflection AI and, according to Wikipedia, “The company was founded with the goal of leveraging AI to help humans ‘talk’ to computers,” recruited former staff from companies such as Google and Meta, and raised $225 million in its first funding round.

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