By- Osho

Perhaps I am only one in the world who is in absolute support of mechanical brains taking over work of human intelligence. Reasons are very clear, why I am in support of such a strange thing.

First, what we call human mind is itself a biocomputer. Just because you are born with it does not make much difference. A better computer can be implanted in your mind – far more efficient, far more intelligent, far more comprehensive.

Every new thing has been opposed by religions, by churches vehemently, because every new thing changes whole structure of human life. For example, computers can change all stupidity that man has shown through history. I do not think that computers like to create war, exploit people, or discriminate between black and white, between man and woman.

A computer is simply a tremendous instrument, which gives you immense possibilities that are not available to you biologically. It can be a thousand times more superior than Albert Einstein. Naturally, a computer can produce a science far more fundamental, far more real, not changing every day because new discoveries go on happening and old discoveries become out of date. A computer can reach centre of reality. It can reveal to you whatever you want. It is an instrument in your hands. It is not a danger.

And because it will be doing all intelligent, intellectual, mental work…you are left very simply to relax into meditation. A computer is not Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan. It is simply a mechanical device created by human consciousness. And in return, it can help human consciousness to reach its highest potential. Then you can meditate, you can dance, you can sing, you can go for world trips.

Problem arises because we cannot think of a solution. Solution is simple. You were paid because you were producing. Now robot is producing more, many times more, and he is not being paid. There is no need for you to remain unemployed, hungry, poor.

And if whole world is unemployed and has enough money to enjoy, do you think anybody is going to join the army? People will join carnivals, circuses…All kinds of celebrations will happen, but there is no need for war…

But people are afraid because they cannot conceive of a certain possibility in which people do not suffer. Question is that these computers are going to take the place of intelligence. But those computers, far superior in intelligence, are in your hands. You are not in their hands, so there is no problem…

It is a great blessing. And what man’s intellect has done is very small. Once computers take over, so much can be done that there will be no need for anybody to be hungry, be poor; be a thief, be a judge, because these all belong to same profession – judges and thieves, criminals and lawmakers. There is no need for anybody to be poor and no need for anybody to be rich. Everybody can be affluent.

It can become a quantum leap. It can break away from the past and all conditionings of the past.

Abridged from Hari Om Tat Sat, courtesy: Osho Times International,


Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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