Now that you know about how artificial intelligence is taking over smartphones, it is important to understand how AI is infiltrating various apps and improving the user experience by making this easier and more personalised.

Generative AI In Google Search

Google is at the forefront of AI development and Search recently received the Search Generative Experience (SGE) update. It brings Google’s generative AI to search and makes it more effective. For instance, Google Search can now give you
more insight into a particular search by curating things from different sources. It can help you plan your trip or even organise a party. Google has added Flights as well, which can now tell you the right time to book a flight ticket.

Gmail’s AI Overload

SGE continues to be part of Google’s apps and services. Gmail is one of them and it has features that are designed to make users’ lives easier. Take the ‘Help me write’ feature. It can write a ‘perfect’ email draft based on your query. Smart Compose, Tabbed Inbox, Smart Reply are a few other Gmail features that are AI-powered. Summarise cards is another AI-powered feature that summarises the context of the entire long-trail emails for a quick read.

ChatGPT, The AI Chatbot

ChatGPT is the trailblazer of generative AI. OpenAI’s large language model can solve almost anything with simple prompts. You can ask queries, create text, plan things and even get basic things answered. But it goes above and beyond with the voice-based prompts and you can have a small ‘chitchat’ with it.

WhatsApp, Instagram And Other Social Media Platforms

AI is taking over several things and developers are leveraging the capabilities to make their apps better and more efficient. WhatsApp has added a couple of them as well.

There are AI stickers, AI chats and Photorealistic Image Generation that can generate images based on the prompts representing the idea, place or person. Instagram also leverages AI in its own way. AI Stickers are there as well and the app also uses AI to moderate content on the platform.

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