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Considering the success ChatGPT has experienced since its launch in late November, it is no surprise the chatbot is making its way to the social media space. On Monday, Snapchat announced “My AI,” a chatbot running the latest version of OpenAI’s GPT technology that has been customized for Snapchat. 

My AI is an experimental feature that will be rolled out to Snapchat+ subscribers beginning this week. Snapchat’s subscription plan costs $3.99/month and guarantees users access to “a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features,” according to Snapchat.

With the “My AI” feature, users will be able to give it a name, customize the wallpaper for chats, and ask questions as you regularly would with ChatGPT. 

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Snapchat’s chatbot does include some ChatGPT limitations, including the refusal to provide responses pertaining to politics, violence, swearing, and even academic essay writing, according to The Verge

In the announcement, Snapchat warned users to beware of “hallucinations”  and “deficiencies” that the AI chatbot may output in its responses. As seen with Bing’s AI chatbot recently, these AI chatbots can exhibit strange behaviors at times. 

Furthermore, Snapchat advises users not to share secrets with the chatbot as the company will be storing all conversations that take place with the chatbot for improvement and review purposes. 

“All conversations with My AI will be stored and may be reviewed to improve the product experience. Please do not share any secrets with My AI and do not rely on it for advice,” the company warned.

User feedback is welcomed as Snapchat continues to fine-tune the feature for broader rollout in the future.