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Dyadica-SXTC Global Brand Consulting sees AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted brand building as the future and leads the industry with its MINDSHAARE project.

AI is going to affect every aspect of brand marketing, creative, design, communications, and brand strategy whose fluidity is going to increase exponentially with the full scale implementation of AI” – Stefan Paul, CMO DYADICA-SXTCLONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 5, 2023 /EINPresswire / — DYADICA-SXTC Global Brand Consulting sees the future of brand building entering a paradigm shift with the rapid advancement and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) into the world of brand strategy, brand building, and brand management as well as design and creative.

DYADICA’s newest AI-driven MINDSHAARE project is a significant investment of time and resources that looks at both the strategic and practical applications of artificial intelligence and their ramifications regarding brand strategy, brand building, design, impact on brand equity building, and brand customer interaction. DYADICA-SXTC CMO Stefan Paul sees the current state of artificial intelligence as simply the first baby steps when looking at the big and long term pictures regarding the impact of artificial intelligence on brands and how they interact with the world around them.“This is just the tip of the iceberg and in fact we really haven’t even got out of the starting gate regarding artificial intelligence applications regarding brand, brand strategy and the overall impact on brand-customer interaction. Right now, corporations and their brands are racing to play catchup and try and grasp some sort of understanding and appreciation of how artificial intelligence is going to impact the world of brands and how they in turn interact with the world around them.

“AI is going to affect every aspect of brand-customer interaction, design, creative, logistics, marketing segmentation, inventory and of course brand strategy whose fluidity is only going to increase exponentially with the full scale implementation of AI,” says Stefan.“This is going to be a paradigm shift and literal revolution in the market regarding brands the likes of which we have never seen before. Already you’re seeing robots assisting customers, you’re seeing the impact of inventory manipulation in real time as well as predictive aspects, we’re seeing the actual interaction with websites changing where one can simply go to a single page website and artificial intelligence will allow you to have instant visual pathways to products and services that you really want that are sorted for you without you having to hunt through reams of content. Literally customized, predictive experiences in real time for each unique customer. We’re now seeing retailers who allow customers to simply walk through theirs or competitors stores, take a picture of an item, put it through their branded app and it’ll tell you if they have that particular item or a similar one in their current inventory and let you order it in real time. Customers can do this instantly and without having to go through websites with vague, guessed and non-specific search terms that might find nothing. The potential for brands is limitless for creating easier/more efficient shopping experiences, and thus even more powerful brand-consumer relationships in real time, which is striking gold for companies and their brands.”

DYADICA-SXTC’s MINDSHAARE project is arguably the first of its kind in the brand consulting industry and is an all-encompassing, painstaking look at the strategic and practical implications and usage of artificial intelligence across the entire brand spectrum including brand strategy, identity manipulation, strategic brand issues, practical applications, as well as design, creative, and communications aspects.“It’s an exciting look from both the strategic and practical level (including implementation best practice) into a very brave new world that is coming into play whether retailers, brands and their consumers like it or not… and its impact on brands has only just begun. Intelligently run, highly-skilled brands are fighting to get on board this train as fast as possible. However, like any aspect of brand building, it is about skill sets and experience and asking the right questions both strategically and practically. We started asking these questions about AI nearly a decade ago and started implementing aspects of AI five years ago for some of our clients with great success. However, there was a serious learning curve that is only getting steeper as AI becomes more complicated. The stakes get raised. Those brands and their managers that navigate and are able to use AI successfully brand-wise are going be real winners and category leaders for a long time regardless of the size of the brand. And our DYADICA-SXTC AI branding practice is aiming to lead the way for big and small business.” says Stefan.

DYADICA-SXTC Global Brand Consulting started in 1973 as a creative and design agency working with some of the world’s biggest brands headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri including Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser, Purina, Energizer, Snapple, Craftsman, Emerson, SEARS, etc. Over the decades, it has transformed into a global front-line strategic, brand and brand management provider including brand and marketing strategy, complete 360-degree brand building including Creative & Design, in- house/onsite client brand management, Marketing and Digital. It has grown to over 5000 client engagements across hundreds of clients (from start-ups to Fortune 100 brands to nation brands) around the globe through offices in North America, Asia and the EMEA.
DYADICA-SXTC Global Brand Consulting has decades of leading worldwide brand ideation through books, white papers, and articles that have changed the way brands think and operate with its works published in some of the world’s best-known journals and newspapers, quoted in ideation-leading books, taught in leading business schools and agency training programs.

Robert Sharm, Corporate Communications.

Robert Sharm
DYADICA Global Brand Consulting


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