Economic specialists in our region are looking at the impacts that artificial intelligence will have on local jobs, and the local economy.

President, and C.E.O., of the Cambria Regional Chamber Of Commerce, Amy Bradley, says we’re already seeing a positive impact with A.I., and that people shouldn’t be worried.

“As a matter of fact, we have done three A.I. Workshops, boot camps if you will, for our chamber members, and everyone’s like in awe when they learn about A.I. And the impact it can have on their business positively.” says Bradley.

According to the international labor organization, China leads in A.I. Adoption, and the market for it will reach over $400 billion by 2027.

Despite this, multiple surveys including one from the Pew Research Center, shows that over half of people asked, say they feel artificial intelligence will cause job loss in 2024.

Bradley says people who know how to use artificial intelligence, will have an advantage, over someone who does not know how to work with it, in getting a job in the near future.

“A.I. Is not going to replace a person. A person who understands how to use A.I. Might replace a person.” Bradley says.

This is further reinforced by the world economic forum research, which states that A.I. Has the potential to create 97 million new jobs.

Economists in the commonwealth also say the sooner people get comfortable with A.I. The sooner they can use it as another tool to elevate their careers and business.

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