The European Commission has published a consultation on the use of artificial intelligence in the financial sector. The consultation aims to aid the Commission in developing guidance for the financial sector across all market areas in preparation for the expected adoption of the AI Act in July 2024. The survey covers three aspects: (i) general questions on the development of AI, (ii) specific use cases in finance, and (iii) the AI Act in relation to the financial sector, focusing on the industry’s needs in order to implement the upcoming AI framework. The Commission has specifically requested input from those financial services companies that are actively providing or developing AI technology. The deadline for comments is September 13, 2024. Alongside the consultation, the European Supervisory Authorities will run a series of workshops providing a platform for stakeholders to exchange knowledge about the latest industry developments and present their progress on ongoing projects. The workshops will take place during the Autumn with registration closing on July 26, 2024. If sufficient progress is made, the Commission intends to publish a report on the findings and analysis of main trends and issues arising with the use of AI applications in financial services.

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