Rachel Metz of Bloomberg News writes about how VentureBeat is using artificial intelligence for its content.

Metz writes, “One panelist’s response in particular caught me by surprise. VentureBeat’s editorial director, Michael Nuñez, explained that the tech blog is using Microsoft Corp.’s OpenAI-infused Bing Chat to help with editing and writing articles.

“‘I think of it as like having another person on the team,’ he said, noting that as an editor, he can use the chatbot to process and summarize information in seconds rather than the hours it might take a human reporter.

“‘I’m not trying to take a press release, feed it through the system, and get an article, although I can probably do that,’ he said. Nuñez thinks the debate over whether to use small pieces of text written by a machine will be short-lived. ‘If you’re taking sentences or clauses or small fragments of ideas from the large language model — in my view, we’re going to be discussing it for six months — and I guarantee, in two years, it’s not going to matter.’

“Nuñez said VentureBeat is encouraging reporters to use the powerful AI tools that are currently available, and doesn’t attribute an article with ‘sentences and fragments’ from a chatbot ‘as long as it’s truthful’ and independently verified.”

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