Puppy owners know how challenging the first year of training can be.

Thanks to Adobe, Petco may be able to make that milestone year a little bit easier for pet parents, with a little help from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Petco has selected Adobe’s Experience Platform to personalize marketing touch points for its millions of customers, as the retailer pursues its vision of being a one-stop health and wellness destination for pets.

Using Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Journey Optimizer, Petco can better understand their customers’ needs and orchestrate personalized experiences at scale, both in-store and on digital, at different points in the customer journey.

The AI-powered deciding engine behind Adobe’s Journey Optimizer ensures each customer receives the next best offer by unifying data collected from multiple channels. The technology enables brands to automatically rank offers for a given audience type, based on their relevance.

Having this insight makes it easier for marketers to insert personalized offers in emails or push notifications, and helps Petco build more meaningful relationships with its customer base. Petco may, for example, send customers relevant communications and discounts based on their pet’s life stage.

Petco has radically transformed its business under CEO Ron Coughlin, as it tries to diversify into offering more health and wellness services for pets. The retailer expanded the number of full-service veterinarians it offers in-store, with Coughlin mentioning in a recent podcast that “54% of pet parents want a one-stop shop.”

Last month, Petco announced it would be expanding its Vital Care membership program, offering a new free tier that will offer customers rewards points for every purchase and personalized care notifications. The premier tier of Vital Care is a $240 annual membership that offers unlimited routine vet exams at any Petco veterinary hospital.

Grocery stores and drugstore chains have also diversified their business models to offer more in-store health services. For instance, Walgreens is expanding the number of in-store clinics it has at its retail locations. They too have leveraged Adobe’s Experience Platform to customize marketing interactions.

“Petco has made great progress with their customer experience strategy, delivering a comprehensive set of products and services that customers can access on their own terms,” said Stephen Frieder, the chief revenue officer for enterprise at Adobe.

“As the company works to accelerate growth and deepen customer relationships, only Adobe can provide an integrated set of Adobe Experience Platform applications that personalizes experiences at scale and in real time.”

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