• The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ provides competitive analysis & ranking of the leading Artificial Intelligence Services vendors.

  • Sopra Steria with its comprehensive technology for Artificial Intelligence Services, receives strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact.

PARIS, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced today that it has named Sopra Steria as a 2024 technology leader in the SPARK MatrixTM analysis of the global Artificial Intelligence Services Market.

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The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix: Artificial Intelligence Services, Q1, 2024, includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading Artificial Intelligence Services vendors in the form of its SPARK MatrixTM. It gives strategic information for users to evaluate different vendor capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

Yves Nicolas, Corporate AI program manager and deputy Chief Technology Officer at Sopra Steria Group, comments “Being positioned as the leader in the SPARK Matrix for Artificial Intelligence Services not only acknowledges our technological excellence but also confirms the strategic positioning of Sopra Steria in the AI landscape. This recognition underscores our commitment to harnessing advanced AI technologies and strategic collaborations to drive impactful solutions that empower businesses globally.”

According to Akash Dicholkar, an analyst, at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Sopra Steria offers robust AI services offerings by strategically integrating Generative AI technologies to provide high-value offerings that empower businesses for achieving their objectives effectively. Sopra Steria’s focus on integrating AI into software engineering process ensures high quality code development and maintenance and offers engineer productivity. Sopra Steria’s partnership with cloud providers help them in accessing ML services and expand AI opportunities to deliver tailored solutions, addressing specific business needs. Sopra Steria’s enterprise virtual assistant NAIxus and the InnerData platform leverages Natural Language Processing skills to improve LLM deployments.”

“The company further supports use cases covering fraud prevention in finance, better customer care, improved diagnostics and med management in healthcare, and smart supply chain tools. Its future involves developing Generative AI tools based on customer feedback and releasing a fully operative Generative AI-assisted system. Sopra Steria with its precise segmentation and personalization, cloud-native architecture, AI-powered capabilities, flexible and easy to use solutions, and comprehensive vision & roadmap, has retained its position as one of the leaders in the SPARK Matrix: Artificial Intelligence Services, Q1, 2024,” Akash adds.

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About Sopra Steria

Steria Sopra Steria, a major Tech player in Europe with 56,000 employees in nearly 30 countries, is recognised for its consulting, digital services and software development. It helps its clients drive their digital transformation and obtain tangible and sustainable benefits. The Group provides end-to-end solutions to make large companies and organisations more competitive by combining in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and innovative technologies with a fully collaborative approach. Sopra Steria places people at the heart of everything it does and is committed to putting digital to work for its clients in order to build a positive future for all. In 2023, the Group generated revenues of €5.8 billion.

The world is how we shape it.

Sopra Steria (SOP) is listed on Euronext Paris (Compartment A) – ISIN: FR0000050809 For more information, visit us at www.soprasteria.com

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