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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 4, 2024 / TAG Infosphere, a research and advisory company with a focus on cybersecurity and climate science, has expanded its reach with a foray into artificial intelligence. The first issue of its flagship AI publication, which represents the public launch of this new division, offers a wide variety of material. Download the publication for free.

TAG AI Quarterly

TAG AI Quarterly
Inaugural Edition

In “Mapping Artificial Intelligence,” there’s an article by the company’s founder, Dr. Edward Amoroso, that lays out a topographical grid featuring 20 AI categories and 100 subcategories. It’s a survey of the landscape, ranging from autonomous vehicles to manufacturing to education to human resources. Amoroso also includes a chart that analyzes the ways companies are leveraging AI in their businesses. “We recommend that you take a moment to reflect on where your organization falls on the model,” he writes.

“It seems true today that some companies will not need AI,” Amoroso continues. “But that will change. Our expectation is that soon every company will know exactly how AI must be leveraged in order to survive.” Further down in the publication, there are “insight reports” that discuss the first three categories found on the grid.

This is one side of what readers will find. But within the 75 pages of this free online publication, there are twists that generative AI might be hard-pressed to predict.

The publication begins, for example, with five feature articles. One is about the surprising way “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” which was viewed as sci-fi fantasy when it was released in 1991, actually foretold with uncanny accuracy the ways in which AI would eventually unnerve its human creators, some of whom fear for their very existence. Another article takes a much rosier view, pointing out the ways AI will change our lives for the better.

In a first-person account, Jay Wilpon, who recently joined the company to help steer its AI division, writes about how some of the earliest AI technology was invented-inventions in which he had a hand. In a second article, Wilpon explains in an interview why speech transcription services, instantly available now when you get a voice mail message on your smartphone, are still far from perfect. The last feature explores the battle between media companies that produce the content generative AI programs are trained on, and the AI shops that face lawsuits for allegedly infringing on those companies’ copyrighted material without securing permission or offering compensation.

This edition also includes exclusive interviews with executives from leading AI companies along with five original, AI-related cartoons sprinkled throughout the pages.

About TAG:

TAG utilizes an AI-powered SaaS platform to deliver cutting-edge insights on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and climate science. The company’s unique approach combines technology and expertise to empower organizations with the knowledge needed to navigate these complex landscapes. We provide on-demand recommendations to commercial solution providers and Fortune 500 enterprises.

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