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The future of Apple’s new technology: Apple Intelligence


The future of Apple’s new technology: Apple Intelligence

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Apple is jumping into the world of artificial intelligence and we’ve been working for you to help understand what that’ll mean for the company.

The company recently announced their new initiative Apple Intelligence, a play on the words artificial intelligence. The company is planning to incorporate AI into it’s software starting with Siri.

Experts at Virginia Tech said almost every company is using artificial intelligence, but now that Apple has stepped in, this shows it is here to stay.

”There is some people that say well Apple is late to the game,” said Cayce Myers, Virginia Tech professor and director of Graduate studies for the school of communications. “Apple really has a business model history of wait and see, let other people do the technology, let it work out, and then we are going to come in and do it better.”

He said with AI, there is usually concerns with privacy, but he adds Apple is traditionally a pro-privacy company.

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