Walmart had a presence at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where they showed off ways in which they believe newer technologies, including various forms of artificial intelligence, will change the way their customers shop.

For IOS users, a GenAI-powered search app will allow customers to shop for items relevant to different types of situations and gatherings. For example, should someone type in that they’re hosting a football game, the search will come back with chips, wings, drinks and a 90-inch TV instead of having users pick items from different departments for individual items.

Walmart InHome Replenishment is said to use AI to ensure that customers’ online shopping carts are filled with the right items at the time their customers need to restock them.

For those apparently looking to walk the virtual runway for friends and family, a beta social commerce platform called Shop with Friends uses AR to share virtual outfits you create in the hopes of getting feedback before making a clothing purchase.

“We build technology to serve people and not the other way around,” said Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Walmart Inc. “Walmart’s purpose is to help people live better, and today, more than ever, advances in technology make it feel like anything is possible. Our technology roadmap is compelling and we’re very excited about it, but we’re clear that we are a people-led, tech-powered company. People, our customers and associates, come first and we’ll put technology to work to serve them better than ever.”

On the corporate level, the company isn’t shying away from rapidly improving and newer technologies as they’re already using an AI-based tool called My Assistant, which according to a statement from Walmart was designed to help associates spend “more time on the things that matter.”

U.S. associates are already using the tool to get to first drafts faster, summarize large documents faster and “spark creativity with thought starters on a variety of topics,” the company said.

“Walmart is people-led and tech-powered, and we know that the best way to help our people reach their full potential is to provide the same intuitive, consumer grade experience we’ve built for our customers and members,” said Donna Morris, Walmart’s chief people officer.

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