Gary R. Mormino
Gary R. Mormino [ Provided ]

Almost every morning my wife and I meet Chip Scanlan at our favorite coffee shop, the Black Crow, in St. Petersburg. Recently our conversations turned to artificial intelligence, its possibilities and consequences. Chip is a journalist who is experimenting with ChatGPT as he researches a historical novel. ChatGPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, uses artificial intelligence to, in a way, think for itself. Chip and I thought it would be fascinating to ask ChatGPT about the future of Florida. In seconds, answers appeared.

Chip Scanlan
Chip Scanlan [ Provided ]

We brainstormed, asking it to answer in the voice of famous writers and philosophers. We felt like Prometheus, the ancient Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. May our punishment for irreverence be less severe than his — to be bound to a rock and have an eagle eat our liver every day for eternity. Should we be worried about AI? Should you? Read on. In each example, we asked ChatGPT to write a 60-word essay on the future of Florida.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of Florida?

ChatGPT answered: I don’t possess personal emotions or opinions, so I don’t experience optimism or pessimism. However, I can present information and perspectives on the topic based on available data and analysis. The future of Florida is a complex matter with both positive and challenging aspects. It will depend on various factors, including how effectively the state addresses environmental concerns, urban development, economic growth and other issues to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.

Answer as if you were Charles Darwin.

The future of Florida, a canvas where nature’s brushstrokes, honed by countless generations, dance to the rhythm of adaptation. Changing climates and habitats become the stage for the intricate ballet of survival and reproduction. Species will evolve, traits will be selected, and the fittest shall find their niche. It’s a dynamic process, unfolding over eons, a living testament to life’s ceaseless transformation.

As Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the author of “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus” (1818)

I can’t predict the specific future of Florida. However, like my novel “Frankenstein” explores the consequences of scientific advancements, Florida’s future depends on how its society, politics, and environment evolve. It’s a blank page awaiting the ink of history, shaped by human choices and the forces of nature, ultimately revealing its destiny.

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As Karl Marx

The future of Florida, a reflection of the complex interplay between social classes and economic forces. As the capitalist system evolves, the state’s destiny is shaped by the struggles between those who control the means of production and those who toil to create wealth. The potential for change lies in the hands of the working class, who, united, can challenge the prevailing order and pave the way for a more equitable society.

As Dante

The future of Florida, a journey through the circles of transformation. From the depths of ignorance to the heights of enlightenment, the state’s destiny hinges on choices that lead either to prosperity or to the abyss of despair. Amid the shadows of progress and tradition, let Floridians chart their path guided by the stars of wisdom and virtue, ascending toward a future that resonates with harmony and purpose.

As Zora Neale Hurston

Florida, my beloved land of Eatonville tales and vibrant folklore. It stands at the junction of past and future, ever-transforming. As its waters rise, so too will its people’s spirit. Amidst the orange blossoms and palmettos, traditions persist, stories evolve. But remember: Their roots run deep, entangled with the land’s very soul. Florida’s essence endures, always resilient, always storytelling.

As Shakespeare

Fair Florida, where the sun-kissed shores and verdant fields doth paint a tapestry of modernity’s interplay with history’s call. A land where urban sprawl and nature’s bounty, like actors upon life’s stage, doth engage in a dance of destiny. The morrow’s tale, yet obscured by time’s curtain, awaits its script in the hands of fate.

In this enigmatic drama, shall tradition’s candle be extinguished by progress’ gust? Or shall the legacy of yore, like a Bard’s sonnet, echo through the ages? The ink of destiny’s quill, it lies within the hearts of Floridians, shaping tomorrows unforeseen.

As the tides doth shift, and the sun bids adieu to yonder sky, Florida’s saga unfolds, a sonnet of the future composed by the grand orchestrator of time.

As Raymond Chandler

The future of Florida, a murky puzzle with shadowy corners and enigmatic figures. Sunshine-drenched landscapes hide intrigue and corruption beneath their glitzy veneer. Amid the palm trees and pastel facades, secrets simmer in the sultry air. A hard-boiled narrative where the truth is obscured by smoke and mirrors, waiting for a disillusioned detective to unearth the hidden story beneath the glossy surface.

As Gov. Ron DeSantis

Ladies and gentlemen, the future of our great state, Florida, is brighter than ever before. With each passing day, we witness the growth and progress that define the essence of our vibrant communities. From the bustling cities to the serene coastlines, we are shaping a future that embraces innovation while honoring our rich history.

Our focus on economic development, education and infrastructure is paving the way for a Florida that thrives on opportunity and prosperity. We are committed to safeguarding our environment, ensuring that the natural beauty that graces our land remains preserved for generations to come.

As we navigate the challenges ahead, from climate resilience to health care accessibility, we stand united in our dedication to creating a state that stands strong, a state that welcomes both residents and visitors with open arms. Together, we are crafting a story of resilience, ingenuity and limitless potential.

As Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Florida’s future, a tapestry woven with threads of the land and its people. The rustic charm of Cracker culture melds with the pulse of change, as swamps and fields whisper their stories. Amid orange groves and cypress trees, the soul of the state blooms, honoring tradition while embracing the winds of progress. The heart of Florida beats in harmony with its natural beauty, a tale of growth and preservation.

As Aesop

In the land of Florida, a tale unfolds, A future of mysteries, stories untold. Progress and tradition, they dance and sway, As time weaves its magic, day by day.

The sun’s warm embrace, the ocean’s call, Echoes of history, standing tall. Will harmony reign, or discord appear? The future’s choice, my friends, is clear.

Learn from the past, heed wisdom’s voice, Make choices that cause hearts to rejoice. For Florida’s future, like fables of old, Is shaped by actions, a story to be told.

As Little Bo Peep

Oh dear, the future of Florida, you see, It’s like a flock of sheep, roaming so free. With cities that shine and waters so clear, The future holds wonders, have no fear.

The sun will still shine, so warm and bright, Guiding the path, day and night. Nature’s beauty, let’s not forget, A treasure to cherish, no need to fret.

Through challenges faced, we’ll stand strong, Like sheep in a meadow, singing a song. Florida’s future, it’s ours to tend, A story of growth, on which we’ll depend.

As Jay-Z

Man, Florida’s always been wild, unpredictable. Rising seas, diverse cultures merging, tech and art scenes blooming. Gotta watch the environment, though. It’s the crossroads of change. Legacy and future intertwined. But with resilience, creativity and unity, Sunshine State’s potential? Limitless. Keep the vibe alive, Florida. Embrace the challenges, ride the wave. Peace. ✌️#HovaOut

As Dr. Seuss

In Florida, where the palm trees sway, The future’s bright, come what may. With creatures odd and beaches grand, It’s a peculiar, magical land.

But the seas rise, the challenges grow, How it’ll end, we don’t quite know. Yet with some care, and hearts that see, Florida’s tale will dance, wild and free!

As Machiavelli

In the landscape of power, Florida is a player of consequence. As waters rise, the astute ruler must anticipate change, wielding influence with cunning foresight. To maintain dominion, one must merge tradition with innovation, ensuring stability amid chaos. Florida’s wealth and strategic position beckon both allies and adversaries. Control its resources, maintain the balance, and Florida’s future will be one of continued prominence.

As bell hooks

Florida, a space where intersections of race, class and nature converge. In its ever-shifting landscapes, both ecological and cultural, lies a narrative of resistance and resurgence. As waters rise, so too do voices — demanding equity, challenging oppressive structures, and crafting spaces of collective healing. The future of Florida is not merely of environment, but of radical love and transformative justice, continually reimagining its own existence.

As Will Rogers

Well now, Florida’s always been a place folks go to find a bit of sunshine and maybe even some adventure. But the future? It’s like trying to predict a hurricane’s path. With those rising tides and bustling cities, they’ve got their work cut out for ‘em. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s that Floridians have a knack for making lemonade out of, well, hurricanes. They’ll do just fine!

As Ring Lardner

Florida, eh? That sunny state where the grapefruit grows and snowbirds flock. Sixty words, you say? Well, it’s like this: Florida’s got a future that’s as unpredictable as a rookie’s curveball. With the oceans nippin’ at its heels and folks coming from all over, it’s bound to see change. But like a scrappy ball team, it’s got heart. And heart? That counts for a lot.

As Ann Landers

Dear Reader, Florida faces many challenges, from environmental issues to cultural shifts. But with every challenge comes an opportunity for growth and understanding. Just as in personal relationships, communication and collaboration are key. It’s important for residents to come together, listen, and plan for the future. With mutual respect and a shared vision, Florida can thrive. Remember, every problem has a solution when approached with wisdom and care. Yours, Ann

As Sigmund Freud

Florida, like the human psyche, presents layers of complexity, both conscious and unconscious. The state is confronted by external environmental threats, akin to external societal pressures on the individual. Yet, beneath the surface, lies the deeper internal challenge: reconciling its historical identity with its evolving self. The future of Florida may well hinge on its ability to navigate this intricate interplay of Id (nature’s primal forces), Ego (the state’s developmental ambitions) and Superego (ethical and ecological responsibility). Successful integration of these elements might ensure its stability and growth.

As Edna St. Vincent Millay

The future of Florida, bathed in sun’s embrace, lies in a delicate balance. As nature’s fury grows, coastal resilience and conservation are paramount. Innovation will shape its cities, embracing diversity and culture, while safeguarding its unique ecosystems. In this dance of progress and preservation, Florida’s destiny will be written, a vibrant tale under the eternal Florida skies.

Gary R. Mormino is professor emeritus of history at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus, where he still teaches a classes in Florida history. His most recent book is “Dreams in the New Century” (2022).

Chip Scanlan is a writing and book coach. He is a former reporter for the Tampa Bay Times and former director of The Poynter Institute’s writing program.

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