There is a need for these. Many enterprises want to do more with AI but are unable to do so due to concerns around data security and national boundaries. This is particularly true in regulated industries, where “Trusted Cloud” is a fast-rising buzzword.

Apple doesn’t need to change too much to give them what they need. It doesn’t need to go head-to-head on enterprise AI cloud services; it can simply dance to its usual tune. That’s a jive in which, once Apple has put enough of its newly announced Private Cloud Compute servers in place, it offers fee-based access to those servers to third parties who want to host their own cloud-based services.

The private cloud for the rest of us?

Privacy-conscious Apple developers will want to do this, as will security-minded enterprises running Macs, iPads, and iPhones. That fee will let them offer highly secure private AI, either for internal business or for consumer-focused plays. Of course, consumers will also be able to use these services, and there may be a fee for that.

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