Tesla boss Elon Musk has quite a bittersweet relationship with AI. On one hand the billionaire advocates for stricter regulations in the AI industry, on the other, he wants a significant share of the AI pie. Musk recently launched his ambitious artificial intelligence venture xAI to reboot the industry with a ‘based AI’. One of the founding investors in ChatGPT’s parent OpenAI, Musk has been throwing shades at the company for a while now. Is xAI a direct competitor of Sam Altman’s OpenAI, now backed by Microsoft? During a Twitter Space, the bird app’s overlord unraveled on a plethora of issues including what he aims with xAI. Here’s a brief recap.

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Upon being probed by a user, Musk admitted that xAI is a direct competition to Sam Altman’s OpenAI. He also introduced the founding team of xAI that has many former employees of DeepMind, OpenAI, Google, and even Tesla. Musk stated that the purpose of the venture is to build a benevolent AGI (Artificial Generative Intelligence) with the sole purpose of comprehending the universe. He also addressed some of his concerns about a relevant superintelligence that could overtake the world. Musk stated that a good AGI must be built that is ‘Maximum Curious’ and is also ‘Truth Curious.’ For such an AGI superintelligence, humanity takes precedence.

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During the Twitter Spaces session, Musk also reminded of how humanity is crippled by a lot of unresolved questions. He gave examples of the nature of gravity, insignificant evidence of aliens, Fermi’s paradox and more.

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Meanwhile, xAI’s co founder Greg Yang said that the mathematics deployed at xAI could open up new perspectives. Musk chipped in remarking that one cannot call anything an AGI until it solves at least one fundamental question of humanity. He also delved on the political correctness of AI. He said that it is very dangerous to teach an AI to tell lies.

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