Have you ever thought of animals taking over our planet from humans who often consider themselves to be the most intelligent living being? This is the question that was posed to Chat-GPT. While many film industries have depicted a doomsday conspiracy involving the take over of our planet by different people, the latest being the ‘Kingdom of the Planet of Apes’, this is an interesting answer given by Chat-GPT. This has been reported by the Daily Star, UK. Incidentally, the movie is releasing on May 10.

While Chat-GPT and its application has generated interest in the past with its unique answers, the answer to this question is definitely surprising.

Chat-GPT has given a list of 4 such animals who could take over the earth from humans and they answer is surprising to many.

Here is the list of the animals who are capable of taking over our planet:

The life span of Elephants is around 70 years. The animal is highly intelligent and has complex social structures. With their large size and strength, they could dominate the terrestrial eco system and very well dominate over the humans. They are known to also protect the environment in many ways. In India, in recent times, there have been massive conflicts between humans and elephants. This has been seen in the southern states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


They are highly intelligent marine creatures who are known for their problem solving abilities and living in diverse environments. With their ability to camouflage, they can very well establish their marine dominance. Ants
With their extensive networking abilities and excellent communication systems and also known for their division of labor, this creature is capable of taking over the earth.

Crows and Ravens are also highly intelligent. They are also known for their cognitive abilities.

While CHATGPT did include Dolphins as a fifth option, it ended up contradicting itself.


Q1. When is the Kingdom of Planet of Apes releasing?
In India, the movie is releasing on May 10. It has been released by Wes Ball.

Q2. What is the storyline of Kingdom of Planet of Apes?
Caesar who is a young ape goes on a journey that will enable him to question all his past learnings. His journey will define the future of humans and apes.

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