Alongside the announcement of TCL’s new 40 Series smartphones, the company unveiled the TCL Nxtpaper 11 and the TCL Tab 11, each equipped with brighter displays, long battery life, and technology to protect users’ eyes.

TCL Nxtpaper technology was initially designed for TCL’s 11 Series predecessor. The technology offers built-in blue light protection and an anti-glare finish. But the TCL Nxtpaper 11 and TCL Tab 11 have upgraded Nxtpaper 2.0 technology. 

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The newest iteration of the technology comes with light diffusion, an automatic adjustable light sensor, 10 layers of light protection, an anti-glare finish, and a brighter display with increased eye protection. 

The TCL Nxtpaper 11’s 11-inch display features 2K resolution and AI visual boost that make colors “bolder and more lifelike,” according to TCL. Branded as an option for students and traveling employees, the tablet has a MediaTek Helio P60T processor, an 8MP front wide-angle camera, an 8000mAh battery, reverse charging, and an accompanying stylus pen.

The TCL Tab 11 against a red background


The sister tablet, the TCL Tab 11, is marketed towards casual and on-the-go tablet users. This tablet’s 11-inch display features 2K resolution and is fitted with TCL Nxtvision technology. This tablet is an option for people who like to primarily use their tablet as a form of entertainment at home, as non-LTE options are available. 

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The tablets will reach the European market in May and be available in select regions at an undisclosed date. The TCL Nxtpaper 11 is priced at $249, the non-LTE version of the TCL Tab 11 is $179, and the LTE-capable TCL Tab 11 starts at $209.